Santa's Surprise Visit!

Santa popped into our studio, and he has a special message for you!

The ORIGINAL Hollywood Santa Experience™!

...but with a brand new set for 2023!

Inspired by our own memories of Christmas, we opened the studio with Rosalind's dream of creating a unique Santa Claus and Christmas experience for children, adults and families.

Our goal is to provide an environment where your children can relax and make joyful memories with jolly ol' St. Nick. We removed the long lines, the glaring eyes, and that frantic, assembly-line feeling, so you are guaranteed many images of happy kids and smiling faces.

Each year we add a little something new to our sets and session plan to ensure our returning clients are delighted by their experience. Even as your children age, you will find each visit captures the Magic of Santa!

After many years of study, practice and training, Rosalind has developed her own vintage style inspired by the wholesome and timeless works of Norman Rockwell. With each portrait, we attempt to emulate those ideals and create a cherished family keepsake. Rosalind's images have won many, many awards domestically and internationally. See the Accolades tab in the Menu for the updated list!

Contact us now to book your Hollywood Santa Experience™. It will be something your children talk about all year long. We have VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY this year, so book your session now!








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