Rosalind Guder | FAQ
How much notice do you require to book a photo shoot? It is best to book a couple of days in advance. It is unlikely that I can accommodate same day bookings.
Do I need to place an order and make payment ahead of time? No, but do keep in mind that there is a $20 fee for processing payments on site.
What if I need to cancel an appointment? If you need to cancel, please be sure to do so no later than 12 noon the day before the scheduled appointment. Any changes after this time are subject to a fee of $60, with no exceptions.
Will you move items around in the home? In general, I do not move items since aesthetic appeal is subjective. The safest bet is to have the property "photo ready" before I arrive. If you prefer to see to the details, you can do so at the time of the photo shoot to ensure that everything is to your liking.
When can I expect to receive the photos? You should receive the photos and slideshow tour within 24 hours after the shoot.
Can I pick up my brochures directly from the printer? Yes, when placing your order, be sure to use code "PICKUP" at checkout to waive the delivery fee. I will provide pickup location details.
When can I expect my brochures? Turnaround for brochures is typically 2 business days for pick up orders, or 3 business days for delivery orders, but this depends largely on how many revisions are requested since orders are only sent to print once approval is received.
Can you design a brochure with photos that I provide? No, I cannot use photos taken by others.
Do you do virtual tours? Yes, I do "slideshow" tours, which is the complete set of still photos sequenced, transitioned and set to music. I do not do the 360 degree rotating type of tour. Unlike a rotating tour, the slideshow does not produce a distorted view of the property.
What if the property sells before the brochures are printed? If you choose to cancel the order, the portion of unused services is transferable up to one year. There is no cash value for individual elements of a package order.